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Nutrisystem is an enterprise that provides weight loss products and services based on quality foods and nutritionally balanced meal plans. This company initially rendered weight loss counseling and products one-on-one to its clients through retail stores, factory production facilities and warehouses before switching to a direct-to-consumer business model in 1999, which it has since then used to sell its products as well as programs online via 1-800 call center numbers.

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This company has over the years been well known for providing clients with very affordable weight loss programs through its regular special offers as well as great monthly coupons that range from 20% up to 100% off on its products. With the 40% off nutrisystem coupon from Debra Moorhead’s personal website, you get to lose weight while saving 40% on every order you make plus free bars & turbo shakes as well as free FedEx shipping of the purchased items. This means that with the Basic and the basic-diabetic plans that go for about $9.82 per day, one gets to save about $3.93 each day and with the 4-week price of $274.99 on the same package, the saving made per month amounts to about $109.99. With the vegetarian meal plan that goes for $11.96 a day and $334.99 for the four weeks, one saves $4.78 per day and $133.99 per month. The 50% off coupon gives 25% off each of your first two orders (totaling to 50%) plus free bars & turbo shakes as well as free shipping. With this coupon, you get to save half the price on all items you order therefore with the basic and diabetic plans you’ll save $2.46 (25%) on your first one-day order and $2.46 on the second which totals to about $4.92 on the first two. This means that if you order the 4-week package twice, you get to save $68.75 on the first order and $68.75 on the second order saving you about $137.50 on two 4-week plan orders. Using the same calculation, you get to save $2.99 on both your first and second one-day vegetarian meal plan orders totaling to $5.98 after both purchases and $83.75 on both 4-week plan purchases bringing to $167.50 the amount you’ll save on two 4-week package purchases. The 100% off coupon guarantees you exclusive offers and fantastic deals as well as free FedEx shipping to selected shoppers through the use of promo codes available at helping them save 100% off their purchases.

How and Why Nutrisystem Works

Reviews of Nutrisystem Diet Plans

Nutrisystem plans include the Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, Vegetarian, Nutrisystem D and Men’s which are all formulated to suit your body’s needs. All the above plans have been designed with the right combination of nutrients, healthy lean proteins, high fiber and low carbohydrates with no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives which add up to just what your body needs. All the plans include six meals a day ready-to-go foods with an easy-to-follow schedule as follows; Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner and an Evening Snack. The Basic Plan is the cheapest with pre-selected foods and the Core Plan is the most popular and allows clients a chance to choose their menu. Uniquely Yours which is their top rated gives customers the widest and best variety of foods to choose from while Nutrisystem D offers the best diet for diabetic patients helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle by greatly controlling the disease.

As compared to other diet plans, Nutrisystem is relatively easier to follow as the food comes right to your plate with guides and a systematic plan making it a simple alternative. It also scores highly in nutrition and is a safe option that poses minimal risks to its users. On the downside, Nutrisystem does not help prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases as compared to most other diets. It is also not very efficient regarding long term weight loss as it is formulated to help its clients lose weight in the short term through portion control and calorie restriction. Nutrisystem is ranked number 16 overall among best diets.

Nutrisystem can be combined with about 30-45 minutes of workout to burn the extra calories taken in during the plan and also as a way of keeping fit to keep off the extra weight that may not be eliminated through dieting. It is also important to ensure you take in lots of fluid mainly water and accompany your meals with fruits and vegetables. Weight loss doesn’t come easy, so it is important to put in extra effort to achieve desirable results.