All weight loss programs failed me except Nutrisystem!

Hey all. I’m Rashid, a 32 year old librarian from New Jersey. Today I’m sharing my Nutrisystem story. I’ve always been an avid reader and not much else, so being in charge of my library is the best job I could ask for. However, due to virtually no physical activities, I was what most polite people would call “very healthy”, or to put it bluntly, quite fat. At 210 pounds and 5’10, I’d started experiencing knee and back problems. I’ve always shied away from exercise, and although sometimes I would get very self conscious about my body, I didn’t want to work out to get fitter. Then, one day while arranging the magazines in the magazine rack, I found an advertisement for Nutrisystem, complete with a Nutrisystem coupon code. It seemed too good to be true. I mean, lose weight by simply eating what they tell you? And six meals a day at $10 per day? I was skeptical at first, but willing to try it out, since it seemed like the perfect way for me to lose weight.

I joined the program, and boy, did I lose a lot of weight. When I started, I was a whooping 205 pounds.  They drew up a plan for me, and I lost 95 pounds in the first year of the program. Now that my weight is manageable and my body is fit, Nutrisystem devised a new plan for me which, along with my newfound will to jog in the mornings, allows me to be fit and healthy without much effort. My friends are surprised, my family is surprised and my fiancée joined me after she saw what I achieved with Nutrisystem.

Weight Loss Results After Using Nutrisystem

I now regularly scour magazines for Nutrisystem coupons and on the web for Nutrisystem promo codes, which they generously give away, which in turn makes it so much more affordable.  I can spare $8-10 a day for SIX meals a day, which includes those delicious lunch bars that I can munch on all day.

I also feel that Nutrisystem has been designed to cater to the common, middle class person who has no time to be healthy amidst the hustle and buslte of making a living. It is effective, affordable and very pleasing to the tongue. Thinking about their BBQ pulled pork sandwich or their chicken pot pie makes my mouth water. Also their hearty peanut butter chocolate and fudge lunch bars taste heavenly.

Yes, the above listed foods are available in this wondrous diet of SIX meals a day. Six full meals which cost just $8 with the right Nutrisystem discount code. No matter how much I repeat this point, it still surprises me. I started this program on my 28th birthday, and to this day I am glad I did. I live a fitter, healthier life and although I don’t strictly follow my plan anymore, I don’t need to! Along with helping me lose weight, Nutrisystem also taught me how to eat with discipline and self moderation. It has rightly changed my life.

I recommend this plan for people who really want to lose weight but do not want to work out. Exercise, while preferred, is not necessary for Nutrisystem to be effective. All it requires is for you to moderate yourself and eat what they tell you too.  The food is delivered to your doorstep too, microwavable ready to eat dishes that are quite delicious too. Although it may be hard to slip into the discipline at first, I can tell you with full confidence that it is certainly worth it.

Currently as I’m writing this review, I am also checking sites for the latest deals. These little tidbits help reduce the price of an already super economical system and are very easy to come by too. I’ve gotten my library a subscription to a few well known magazines because they offer fairly regular Nutrisystem coupons too.

Nutrisystem was so effective that my fiancée even joined me in the program. She was a little on the heavier side too, but no more. It’s definitely one of the most innovative ideas that people have come up with in the recent times. They also have a “Lose 5lbs + 1 inch off your waist in the first week or your money back” guarantee. Overall, this program is one of the best decisions I have ever had the fortune of making.

So now I start my day with my favorite breakfast of fruits and a Nutrisystem omelet. I pack my microwavable Nutrisystem lunch in my bag and microwave it at the library. I always carry a few Nutrisystem lunch bars in my bag too. These bars are delicious and quite filling if you get an overwhelming urge to snack. Dinner at my place is a quiet affair where me and my fiancée share the days happening over our Nutrisystem dinners.

There is a downside though. To successfully implement this program, one must have self restraint and discipline. This program does not work if you don’t follow the plans laid out for you. Apart from this little snag, Nutrisystem is completely worth all the weight you lose in gold!  It teaches you moderation is the key to enjoy a good meal without putting on weight. Compared to Diet Chef, this is truly an innovative program, and for those who have similar stories like mine, I urge you to please try it out.

Now my life is quite good. My knee no longer hurts, my back is strong and fine again, I haven’t gotten sick in a long time and my stomach is flat and taut. Thank you Nutrisystem, you’ve truly been a boon in my life.